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19 PCS Jungle Soft Play Set

Our Jungle Soft Playset is perfect for children's events where they can climb jump and play with our wide variety of inflatables. This playset comes with a ball pit, rocker, ramps and much more to suit your every need!

This 19 pcs playset is suitable for indoor use

Suitable for Children 3+


This Set Includes:

Soft Play Ball Pond

Double Rocker

Cube x3 (23cm x 23cm x 23cm)

Circle x3 (24cm in diameter & 10cm in height)

Step Cube 1 (36cm x 36cm x 36cm)

Step Cube 2 ( 36cm x 36cm x 24cm)

Step Cube 3 ( 36cm x 36cm x 12cm)

Triangle Wedge x4 (35cm x 23cm x 18cm)

Triangle Wedge x2 (36cm x 24cm x 36cm)

Cuboid x2 (72cm x 10cm x 23cm)

for first day
All additional days are 40% off

COVID Notice

Please Note that ALL bookings are subject to change if the government change restrictions and it is unsafe to hire. We may have to cancel the booking immediately with a full refund. Bookings are only allowed on the basis you agree to the following conditions to help keep everyone safe:

  • Please note we will not be able to hire to you if anyone who will be using the bouncy castle is showing or developed symptoms in the 10 days before the party or has coronavirus.
  • We must have clear access to your back garden if taking through a building.
  • Our equipment will be cleaned and sanitised before it is delivered to you so that you and whoever is using our products can be reassured that everything is safe to use.
  • We cannot take any responsibility if your neighbours inform local authorities of misuse of any of our Bouncy Castles.
  • We can refuse set up if we feel the location is against government guidelines.


We want to reassure that we are taking every precaution to maintain a hygienic and safe environment and we ask you to stick to the government’s guidelines. This will help to ensure everyone can have a fun time while being safe by following the above rules!