Our inflatables use electric fan blowers which are simply plugged into a suitable socket in your house. To deflate the Inflatable, simply unplug the fan and it will slowly collapse which we will do whenever we are collecting the item once the event has finished.

If the weather is bad/raining, then call us and we'll decide what to do or we may call you to say whether we will deliver based on the weather conditions.

The dimensions of our Inflatables are shown in our product details upon purchase where we also include a required space section to help give you an idea.

The Inflatables are wheeled into position using a cart, so we will need a standard size path to get the Inflatable into your garden or venue. If you have a lot of steps or a narrow entranceway, please let us know in advance.

Yes, the Inflatable castles can go indoors but you must check the height of the ceiling before booking. The ceiling must be higher than the height of the castle booked. Hights of all our castles are on our website to compare.

As much notice as possible. During busy times we book up well in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

In most cases, we don't charge for a cancellation, so long as you give us notice the day before 3 pm so that we can hire the castle out to somebody else. If you give us no or very little notice, then you may be liable to a 50% charge of the Inflatable.

The delivery person will completely set up the Inflatable, give you a demonstration on how to use it safely, and then leave it in your control. When we turn up to collect the Inflatable, we will also dismantle it

We prefer not to for safety reasons. If you have no alternative surface, then please tell us this during booking so we can provide sheets for us to use underneath the Inflatable.

We usually deliver the Inflatables first thing in the morning and then collect them later that day. If you want it for more than one day, please mention this when you book as it will be reflected in the price.

Between 6 and 12 kids at one time. This really depends on the size of the children and the Inflatable which is available in our product details for more information.

Yes, they are designed from the ground up with safety in mind. In addition, we review all safety rules with you prior to use. While no one can guarantee safety, we do everything we can to promote the safe use of our products to ensure your day is filled with fun.

A slight slope is not a problem. Typically, we will place the entrance of the unit at the top of any slope. If the slope is more than a little, we may not be able to set up in that location. The safety of the children is the most important consideration when selecting a setup area.

Yes. We will bring an extension cord with us, so you'll need an outlet near the set-up area. The blower runs continuously and uses approximately £0.18 of electricity per hour. Your blow dryer uses more than that and all blowers and wiring are safety checked before delivery.


If you have any other questions that we have not covered please contact us on 08001114997 or email us at info@niinflatables.com and we will be happy to help!

COVID Notice

Please Note that ALL bookings are subject to change if the government change restrictions and it is unsafe to hire. We may have to cancel the booking immediately with a full refund. Bookings are only allowed on the basis you agree to the following conditions to help keep everyone safe:

  • Please note we will not be able to hire to you if anyone who will be using the bouncy castle is showing or developed symptoms in the 10 days before the party or has coronavirus.
  • We must have clear access to your back garden if taking through a building.
  • Our equipment will be cleaned and sanitised before it is delivered to you so that you and whoever is using our products can be reassured that everything is safe to use.
  • We cannot take any responsibility if your neighbours inform local authorities of misuse of any of our Bouncy Castles.
  • We can refuse set up if we feel the location is against government guidelines.


We want to reassure that we are taking every precaution to maintain a hygienic and safe environment and we ask you to stick to the government’s guidelines. This will help to ensure everyone can have a fun time while being safe by following the above rules!